Sakpattana’s Combine Harvester Components & Equipment

    ​​     smileyGetting to know the harvesting header

               (1) Knife guard series: shaped by hot forging metal, it’s a sharp pointed object to piercing the paddy with

     side by side placing; there is collaboration with triangular blades as a protection unit.There is characteristic of

     Sakpattana with design by improving the ridge on knife guard for strengthens.

               (2) Pressing blades unit: shaped with the middle groove to avoid the retaining bolt. It’s serve the series

     of triangular blade. When cutting system is running, there is also advantage of the pressing blades unit with

     middle groove pattern by receiving the bolts and pressing into knife bar.

               (3) Bracket bar for knife guard: made in two parts with long shape to serves as a fastening unit of knife

     guard series. If any damage with cutting sectional, it’s simply to remove the bolts of bracket bar for maintenance

     or change cutting parts.​

               (4) Steel plat under the buckets: shaped with rectangular plate to receiving paddy in cutting process, 

     it’s simply removing for maintenance.

               (5) Transporting Auger: design with spiral plate type for high volume crop feeding and easy to


               (6) Pulling reel parts: pull served on rice entering to cutting parts, there is characteristic as a reel with 6

     spokes to install on steel pipe to receiving with rotate operation. It’s disassembling components thus; maintenance

     could be changing only the damaged parts. 

               (7) Coil springs parts: as a component of pulling reel parts, formed of a steel rod with coil springs for

     attached with bolt to the steel pipe. It serves as a paddy pulling unit, there is also advantage with durable and

     high performance according to patented design by Sakpattana.​

​               (8) Set of cutting tie rod equipped with slide cam: as a component of cutting parts, served by slide

     moving to steel bar that equipped with triangular blades. There is characteristic at slide hub that installed with

     PVC bush and having oil lubrication as a result to saving the maintenance cost.

               (9) Principal structure of harvesting header: consist of steel sheet forming, having stainless steel sheet

     with semi-circular pattern were assembled together serve as a receiving units to combination of cutting

     parts- accessories together. It’s disassembling components; there is also advantage of easy to maintenance

     and do not waste time on assembly.​


          Highlight of Sakpattana harvesting header                            

               With the ability to harvest in condition: paddy falling step up flat on the

     ground result is obtained and there is also efficiency in water under the crop

     condition as well. However, the most efficient harvest is the rice set straight.

     We also provide paddy guard that positioned on the left-right of harvesting

     header to avoid collision and crushed with the paddy.


             Patent:  As mentioned earlier, the feature of harvesting header by

     Sakpattana design has been patented already.