Sakpattana VIP Card 2015 for Important Clients   

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Any inquiry about VIP card please contact Sales : Tel 080-8451867



 VIP Card Sakpatta

These cards can be used for accumulated score when purchase Sakpattana’s product

             Smile Purchasing genius spare part with discount under the terms of company (we notify in advance when having     

             Smile Show Sakpattana VIP Card to sales person to accumulated score when purchase Sakpattana’s product; every 

                   year we cast lots the prizes to high score customer

             Smile We provide the right only those whose names are on this card only. If you do not own harvesters "Sakpattana

                   combine harvester" considered that deprived of the right

*****The card is valid for five years 2011- January 2016.

 We reserve the right to cancel or change the terms and benefits of this card without prior notice. 



Lucky customer who received the prizes at Sakpattana road show