SSR-320 Corn combine harvester

                                                DESCRIPTION SPECIFICATION
     Diesel 5 cylinder,170 HP+Turbo G8         195 HP
     Special planetary gear box for  High power      Model. 10 m
     Hydraulic pump double type to drive Hydraulic motor     68 cc
     Hydraulic motor to drive power transmission      68 cc
     Turning system : free left & right drive      F-D
     Track wheel structure     Steel forming U/C
     Width of track      2,125 mm
     Length of track      2830 mm
     Comosak chain 44 links       Side. ฺB
     Comosak oil rollers  system,10 rollers per side      D.2
     Guide wheel size      406 mm
     Sprocket     12/25 teeth
     Track shoe : made from press iron, single piece      120 x 700 mm
     Threshing system   
     Top threshing range     1,217 mm
     Threshing drum Diameter     420 mm
     Cleaning and screening system:Adjust able sieve equipped with double sieve-lever     1-1.2 mm
     Grain tank can be separated, (made from Iron wrap stainless steel)     1-1.2 mm
     Harvesting system  
     Corn feeding Conveyer-used chain systems     No. 2080
     Front Auger :Diameter     400 mm.
     Corn Header :Width       3,380 mm
     Corn reaping: 3,4 row (foldable assembly)      2,960 mm
     Cutting type: spiral crusher (interval 60-75 cm)      3-4 pairs
     Dimension & Weight  
     Body width      3,100 mm
             Length      6,150 mm
             Height      3,150 mm
     Gross weight      7,850 kg.
     Painting system      Powder coating
     Grain tank system   
     Grain tank Capacity SS-320 foldable                         2,100 kg.
     Unloading conveyer to truck                         178 x 4,500 mm
     Unloading conveyer to grain tank      152 x 1,820 mm
     Lower unloading conveyer( through grain tank )      178 x 1,235 mm
*We reserve the right to change any specification without prior notice
   ประสิทธิภาพการทำงาน Combine Harvester Performance
   พื้นที่ไร่ข้าวโพดปกติทั่วไป เก็บเกี่ยวได้ 3-4 ตัน/ชม.  Normal area 3,000-4,000 kg./hr.