History of KM-D Sakpattana’s combine harvester     

    This is preparation for the Asean Economic Community in 2016 in order to compete with Asean country; these combines offer impressive performance and being cost-effective. There is also good selection equipment such as hydraulic pump, we provided with Baker brand to give optimum outputs and having affordable price. Other elements in KM-D, we also provided with good quality and affordable price.

              Sakpattana’s combine harvester model : KM-D  meet the demands of customer.There are several styles of installation hydraulic pump system as well as new design of header, tank structure, swing engine’s cover , supporting plate of silo tube, fuel tank, tools storage, belts guard, left-right staircase to driving room, feeder rail, paddy guard, supporting rubber at reel bar, chassis fame and chain guard.There are 5 different hydraulic pump installation of KM-D /To make it easier to remember, we will call by number  

                 No.1 Single drive to in line pumps and beater - Installation pump system with inline type having belt traction from floating axle and providing with 3 belts /pump                          

                 No.2 Separated drive to coupled pumps and beater - Installation pump system with inline type insert couple between left pump 1 unit and right pump 1 unit having belt traction from the motor shaft to rotate the pump directly providing with 5 belts

                 No.3 Extended Separated drive to twin pump and beater  -Installation pump system with twin type having belt traction from the motor shaft to rotate the pump directly and providing with 5 belts          

                 No.4 Separated drive to twin pump and beater -Installation pump system with twin type having belt traction that install couple straight from the reduction axle (rear axle with special lengths)             

                 No.5 Single drive to twin pump & beater -Installation pump system with twin type having belt traction from the motor shaft to rotate the pump directly (rear axle with special lengths) and providing with 5 belts

    KM-D : New model of SAKPATTANA combine harvester

    Designed by Sakpattana who are actively inventing of combine harvester business, the comfortable KM-D model with new higher levels of threshing system to improve separation performance as well as increase very clean output. Moreover paddy harvesting, our machine also use with corn/maize, we confirmed with grain loss rate of nearly zero percent so this is highlight of this machine and others structure advantages as follow:   

               1. Threshing drum: equipped with removable pulley, easy to remove-install by fasten bolt to hub of pulley which is pressed or screw hub into shaft of threshing drum, it also has advantage on changing bearing unit of the shaft as well.

              2. Grain conveyor: not only KM-D model but also every model of Sakpattana combine harvester that we improved inside of grain conveyor by replace middle panel by equal angle, has result in more space and easy to maintenance.

               3. Front header: inserted steel pipe on the top of front header to prevent vibrate all two side as well as adjusted rotation ratio of cutter bar shaft and change pulley size from 5 " to 6 1/2" to minimize vibration effect.

              4. Socket of cutter unit: to offering choice by socket with a brass bushing with oil lubrication, the former type bearing lubricated with grease. However, both type of socket of cutter unit are able to install with all model of Sakpattana’s combine harvester.

               5. Header auger: come with spiral embraced type to serves the paddy to grain conveyor by the twin spiral plate, sweep plate and supporting plate that equipped on header auger, this is Sakpattana's proprietary product, so it would produce flowing of harvesting.

             6. Paddy guard: This is supporting part installed at beside of header for placing the line of harvesting. Also, it has adopted the newly designed having cap to wear at the end of paddy guard which can bend or change to meet the demand.

              7. Reel: it has adopted by improve rubber of supporting round pipe to prevent paddy or straw wrap at the reel

              8. Driving cab: come with new designed with oval headlights, spotlights under headlights with hawk eyes feature and equipped with single supporting pipe to be prevention unit.

               9. Rear cover: Lengthening, install square LED spotlights and able to swing open as usual.

              10. Standing plate set: the newly designed, it’s formed along the chassis to accommodate installation of fuel tank and air tank.

              11. Tool box set: This is built-in tool box design to slope with the body of combine harvester, having functional features with stair for stepping up to the driver's seat. 

               12. Safety guard: Designed with solid sheet but on the thin and light as well as mounted with sieve for ventilation so, it’s given slim looking but strong feature.

               13. Chassis : The rail of KM-D rollers come with newly design by choose bigger size D20L of roller to installation  at the first and end only 2roller, there is purposes in torsion when combine harvester swing in driving. With other 8 roller at the middle used smaller size D2.  

               14. Track guard: To be one piece are placed along the middle of frame.

               15. Track chain: Installed with size B, this is new model of track chain of Sakpattana with thickening and wing extension to impressive more efficiency

              16. Track tension rod: Use quality material with fogging grade steel to forming without welds mark, there will be no bending and cracking and it’s removable spare part and can be divided into three parts for installation in any model of Sakpattana combine harvester.       


                                                      DESCRIPTION       SPECIFICATION
    Diesel 6 cylinders, 24 valve 220 HP Turbo G8     255 HP
    Special planetary gear box      Model. 12 m
    Hydraulic pump double type to drive Hydraulic motor     89 cc
    Hydraulic motor to drive power transmission      89 cc
    Turning system : free left & right drive     F-D
    Track wheel structure     Steel forming U/C
    Width of track     2,500 mm
    Length of track     3,050 mm
    Comosak chain 47 links      Side. B
    Comosak Oil rollers 8/side with special size:2(front-back)     D.2+D.2L
    Comosak Oil rollers -upper carrier 2/side     D.2
    Double layer guide wheel size     410 mm
    Double layer sprocket     13-27 teeth
    Track wheel : made from cast iron, single piece     120 x 800 mm
    Threshing system   
    Top threshing range     1,615 mm
    Threshing drum Diameter     560 mm
    Cleaning and screening system:Adjust able sieve equipped with double sieve-lever     1.8-2 mm
    Grain tank can be separated, (made from Iron wrap stainless steel)     1.8-2 mm
    Harvesting system   
    Header can be taken off into 3 parts     D.V.S.
    Grain conveyor : use chain conveyor     No. 2080
    Front Auger Diameter     580 mm
    Cutter bar : ( Knife guard, 20 pairs )     3,000 mm
    Paddy adjusting : 6 bars (can be removable)     864 mm
    Dimension & Weight   
    Width     3,500 mm
    Length     6,300 mm
    Height     3,470 mm
    Gross weight     9,000 kg.
    Painting system     Powder coating
    Grain tank   
    Grain tank capacity     2,400 kg.
    Unloading conveyer to truck     229 x 4,880 mm
    Unloading conveyer to grain tank     178 x 1,910 mm
    Lower unloading conveyer( through grain tank )     216 x 1,285 mm
*We reserve the right to change any specification without prior notice
   ประสิทธิภาพการทำงาน Combine Harvester Performance
   พื้นที่นาปกติทั่วไป  ข้าวตั้ง   45-60 ไร่/วัน Normal area 7.2-9.6 hectare/day
                                 ข้าวล้ม  35-45 ไร่/วัน Paddy lodged 5.6-7.2 hectare/day

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