Four Jet - Agriculture sprayer machine for paddy and farm plants


                                DESCRIPTION               SPECIFICATION
     Diesel 3 cylinder   22
     Engine placement   Behind driver seat 
     Fuel tank capacity   9
     Frame structure   steel plate forming U/C
     Steering system   Hydrostatic steering 
     Steering wheel system   Free drive, 4 directions
     Driving system   4 WD. 
     Minimum turning radius    3,000 mm
     Front wheel Ø     1,120 mm
     Back wheel Ø   1,120 mm
     Wheel width   170 mm
     Wheel material    PVC. 
     Driving gear system,hydraulic pump-moter   Gear torque 
     External dimension :Width   1,800 mm
                                 :Length   3,710 mm
                                 :Height   2,550 mm
     Wheels space,between the front & back wheel   1,690 mm
     Wheels space,between left & right wheel   1,340 mm
     Total weight   1,100 Kg. 
     High pressure pump/ HP   3 HP
     Spraying performance   17-28 L/Min
     Pressure   50-20 kg/sq cm.
     Water pump size/HP   2 HP
     Water pump performance/meter   3 m
     Maximum water eject/meter   29 m
     Pumping    (litter/minute)   100 L/Min
     Position of spraying pipe   Front
     Length of spraying pipe    14,000 mm
     Number of spray nozzles   31 set
     Ability of spraying pipe   2 portion Half automatic electric system 
     Injection control   Semiautomatic valve 
     Balance system   Semiautomatic electric system
     Chemical tank capacity    300 liter

*We reserve the right to change any specification without prior notice

   ประสิทธิภาพการทำงาน Efficiency
   พื้นที่นาปกติทั่วไป สามารถฉีดพ่นได้ 10-15 ไร่/ชั่วโมง  Normal area 10-15 rai/hour or 1.6-2.4 herctare/hour