KM AMT.  5th

                                                      DESCRIPTION       SPECIFICATION
    Diesel 6 cylinders, 24 valve 220 HP Turbo G8     255 HP
    Special planetary gear box      Model. 12 m
    Hydraulic pump double type to drive Hydraulic motor     89 cc
    Hydraulic motor to drive power transmission      89 cc
    Turning system : free left & right drive     F-D
    Track wheel structure     Steel forming U/C
    Width of track     2,500 mm
    Length of track     3,050 mm
    Comosak chain 47 links      Side. B
    Comosak  oil rollers 8/side with special size:2(font-back)     D.2+D.2L
    Comosak  oil rollers-upper carrier 2/side     D.2
    Double layer guide wheel size     410 mm
    Double layer sprocket     13-27 teeth
    Track wheel : made from cast iron, single piece     120 x 800 mm
    Threshing system   
    Top threshing range     1,615 mm
    Threshing drum Diameter     560 mm
    Cleaning and screening system:Adjust able sieve equipped with double sieve-lever     1.8-2.0 mm
    Grain tank can be separated, (made from Iron wrap stainless steel)     1.8-2.0 mm
    Harvesting system   
    Header can be taken off into 3 parts     D.V.S.
    Grain conveyor : use chain conveyor     No. 2080
    Front Auger Diameter     580 mm
    Cutter bar : ( Knife guard, 20 pairs )     3,000 mm
    Paddy adjusting : 6 bars (can be removable)     864 mm
    Dimension & Weight   
    Width     3,500 mm
    Length     6,300 mm
    Height     3,470 mm
    Gross weight     9,100 kg.
    Painting system     Powder coating
    Grain tank   
    Grain tank capacity      2,700 kg.
    Unloading conveyer to truck     229 x 4,880 mm
    Unloading conveyer to grain tank     178 x 2,000 mm
    Lower unloading conveyer( through grain tank )     216 x 1,480 mm
*We reserve the right to change any specification without prior notice
   ประสิทธิภาพการทำงาน Combine Harvester Performance
   พื้นที่นาปกติทั่วไป  ข้าวตั้ง   45-60 ไร่/วัน Normal area 7.2-9.6 hectare/day
                                ข้าวล้ม  35-45 ไร่/วัน Paddy lodged 5.6-7.2 hectare/day

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