SAKPATTANA Rice Combine Harvester Model: SS-320 

               It is a combine rice harvester meets the demands of mini-sized which efficiency in any condition of

  paddy field.

                SS-320-Cabin is featured with open type at lateral position, and our design are supporting with

  air-conditioning system by adjusting in some part of this cabin.

                SS-320 is available to transport with Super Track Trailer-Sakpattana, so it would appropriate to moving on

  the road for saving time of transportation.

                Sakpattana Rice Combine Harvester Model: SS-320 provided with track wheel systems, available to move

  on cement or pavement thereby installation the rubber track to reduce friction with solid surfaces. If run with track

  wheel of the harvester along the flat surface, we suggest to use speed about 10 km / hr. (should be driven in

  short term only).

               According with the transportation over long distances should be use assistance such as Super Track Trailer

  to delivery rice harvesting to far away areas.

               SS-320 installed with diesel engine 170 HP +turbo, available in any condition, whether the weather is

  hot – cold be sure that its work and it is available to use in many countries as you’re required.




                                                      DESCRIPTION       SPECIFICATION
    Diesel 5 cylinders, + Turbo G8     195 HP
    Special planetary gear box      Model. 10 m
    Hydraulic pump double type to drive Hydraulic motor     68 cc
    Hydraulic motor to drive power transmission      68 cc
    Turning system : free left & right drive     F-D
    Track wheel structure     Steel forming U/C
    Width of track     2,125 mm
    Length of track     2,830 mm
    Comosak chain 44 links      Side. C
    Comosak  oil rollers system, 10 rollers per side     D.2
    Guide wheel size     406 mm
    Sprocket     12/25 teeth
    Track wheel : made from cast iron, single piece     120 x 700 mm
    Threshing system   
    Top threshing range     1,217 mm
    Threshing drum Diameter     420 mm
    Cleaning and screening system: Adjust able sieve equipped with double sieve-lever     1-1.2 mm
    Grain tank can be separated, (made from Iron wrap stainless steel)     1-1.2 mm
    Harvesting system   
    Header can be taken off into 3 parts     D.V.S.
    Grain conveyor : use chain conveyor     No. 2080
    Front Auger Diameter     580 mm
    Cutter bar : ( Knife guard, 17 pairs )     2,550 mm
    Paddy adjusting : 6 bars (can be removable)     864 mm
    Dimension & Weight   
    Width     3,100 mm
    Length     6,150 mm
    Height     3,150 mm
    Gross weight     7,540 kg.
    Painting system     Powder coating
    Grain tank   
    Grain tank capacity     1,500 kg.
    Unloading conveyer to truck     178 x 4,500 mm
    Unloading conveyer to grain tank     152 x 1,820 mm
    Lower unloading conveyer( through grain tank )     178 x 1,710 mm
*We reserve the right to change any specification without prior notice
   ประสิทธิภาพการทำงาน Combine Harvester Performance
   พื้นที่นาปกติทั่วไป  ข้าวตั้ง   25-40 ไร่/วัน Normal area 4-6.4 hectare/day
                                 ข้าวล้ม  15-25 ไร่/วัน Paddy lodged 2.4-4 hectare/day

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