Alabum 1 MA LEAW JA                                                       Alabum 2 KOB KUN FAR

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                                We aim to the value of second hand engine

            We use second hand engine to assemble new combine harvesters according to meets the demands of our     customers that most commonly used second hand engines from Japan due to the parts are easy to find when maintenance as well as saving the cost of engine maintenance. In the production section, to use second hand engine to assemble new combine harvesters also saves the cost of production as a result of affordable. And commonly knows that Sakpattana combine harvester installed with second hand engine by without prior notice            

Your support has made us a stronger and we will forever be grateful.





Technical Tips


How to maintain SPTN Rollers                                  

      Every 100 hours, open / loosening the head bolts of top roller and                 

      lower roller to vent air from the roller.                                                                                  

 open / loosening

       Head bolts of top roller;

Filling oil a half of the shaft


 Insert hose to prevent oil flick


Every 250 hours, should change the oil

on the both rollers to  

increase performance 

and useful life.







                                                Use an air blow gun to blow oil without removing the  

                                                roller, and then blow the hole in said bolt 

                                                When complete above steps should tighten the nut on  

                                                 one side to fill oil then, tighten the bolts on both sides