Super Track Trailer

           Built for transport combine harvester with a loading capacity of

    13,000 Kg. /13 Ton Super Track Trailer is perfect for loading anything such as   

    equipment or several of agricultural productivity. It’s easy to operate; you can

    tow it behind your wheel tractor from size 40 HP or more, according with 

    loading. Work without Obstacles, this trailer is capable to traveling on

    imperfections road such as narrow path or a small path that large trucks   

    cannot travel. SAKPATTANA Super Track Trailer is appropriate to use on the 

    farm, especially paddy and corn fields as delivering most comprehensive

    functionality of trailer.


                                                                                     (Special order product)



                     DESCRIPTION                      SPECIFICATION
     Trailer Body  
     Width : 2,500 mm
     Length :  4,469 mm
     Hight : front 955 mm
     Hight : rear 760 mm
     Hight : central shaft 830 mm
    Chassis  size 9"
    Load carrying ability 3 axles
Equipped with electric brakes, slowing the speed with electric and master cylinder 2 axles
    Front shaft with leaf-spring and independent steering  Steering 180°
    Central shaft locking mount with chassis  solid beam
    Rear shaft with leaf-spring independent load
    Tires 12 wheels
   The width of the tire  : front shaft 2,160 mm
   Size of the tire    : front shaft tire 185/70R1488H
   The width of the tire  : central shaft  2,120 mm
    Size of the tire  : central shaft  tire 125/75R16C
   The width of the tire  : rear shaft  2,170 mm
   Size of the tire  : rear shaft  tire 195/R148PR
   Sloped Dovetail  
            Length  2,380 mm
            Width 430 mm
            Storage  underfloor storage units
            Steel C 2 pieces 4" 1/2"
    The peripheral system with tractor/prime mover power plugs 12 V
    Lighting tail light with turn signal left-right
    Controlling switch left - right
     Straight reverse lock with the electrical control system
    Brake system  
    Brake control with electric system Motor pump hydraulic 12 V
    Brake 2 shaft 8 wheel Dump break
    Brake: Hub of central shaft 373 mm
    Brake: Hub of rear shaft 283 mm

*We reserve the right to change any specification without prior notice