Track Truck TF750 by SAKPATTANA  

TF-750 Tack Truck by Sakpattana. As a vehicle for transportation productivity: grain / corn when harvesting machine running on the field, use track truck to assist transferring productivity to the road by unloading your productivity from combine harvester to track truck without stopping the harvest  to saving time in harvesting.

TF-750 is available for vast field such as paddy and corn as well as there is high efficiency to running on the          field in every condition especially muddle or wet land. This is the best assistance to reduce loading and reduce       the travel distance of combine harvester.

This is a truck, driven by hydraulic system to move gearbox to drive the track chain - steel blade and roller. The vehicle consists of cab with no roof, chassis mounted with frame rails; engine 160 HP for hydraulic pumps traction. Pickup assembly could be installed in various types according to requirements. In case of working in mud with water areas: capacity 7,000 Kg. or 7 Ton loader. (Working in the normal areas able to carrying more)


                                                                                                                       *Special order product


                                 DESCRIPTION   SPECIFICATION
     Trailer Body  
     Width :    2,500 mm
     Length :    4,469 mm
     Hight : front    955 mm
     Hight : rear    760 mm
     Hight : central shaft    830 mm
    Chassis     size 9"
    Load carrying ability    3 axles
  Equipped with electric brakes, slowing the speed with electric and master cylinder    2 axles
    Front shaft with leaf-spring and independent steering    Steering 180°
    Central shaft locking mount with chassis    solid beam
    Rear shaft with leaf-spring     independent load
    Tires    12 wheels
   The width of the tire  : front shaft    2,160 mm
   Size of the tire    : front shaft    tire 185/70R1488H
   The width of the tire  : central shaft     2,120 mm
    Size of the tire  : central shaft     tire 125/75R16C
   The width of the tire  : rear shaft     2,170 mm
   Size of the tire  : rear shaft     tire 195/R148PR
   Sloped Dovetail  
            Length    2,380 mm
            Width    430 mm
            Storage    underfloor storage units
            Steel C 2 pieces    4" 1/2"
    The peripheral system with tractor/prime mover    power plugs 12 V
    Lighting    tail light with turn signal left-right
    Controlling    switch left - right
     Straight reverse    lock with the electrical control system
    Brake system  
    Brake control with electric system    Motor pump hydraulic 12 V
    Brake 2 shaft 8 wheel    Dump break
    Brake: Hub of central shaft    373 mm
    Brake: Hub of rear shaft    283 mm

*We reserve the right to change any specification without prior notice